Creative - Adaptable - Boutique

Script to Screen Video Production Studio

Stormlight is a boutique Nashville video production company. We specialize in telling stories that are innovative, cinematic and perform in the modern social media promotion era.

We are adaptable, boutique, budget friendly and marketing minded.

From feature films to national marketing campaigns, we are adaptable. We’ve had success finding creative solutions to client challenges that tell personal, honest, stories.

We’re a boutique firm and we like it that way. Being boutique allows us to adapt to project needs, to build personal relationships with our partners, vendors and clients. We believe this directly leads to effective, meaningful content.

YOUR goals become OUR goals.

Stormlight is a new world production company that understands being budget friendly is creatively freeing, and opens doors to new ideas.

What we think truly sets us apart, is our commitment to being marketing minded.

How people market today, is different. By making every project with YOUR marketing keywords, SEO and social media integration in mind, from the beginning, we can develop content that is not only great, but that works.

Music Videos

Custom cinematic music videos, lyric videos, and acoustic performance videos for artists of all genres and budgets.

Kalie Shorr – He’s Just Not That Into You

Lena Stone – “Nervous” Premiering 2/17


Targeted video advertisements for small businesses and entrepreneurs.