Helping your business make personal connections with potential clients

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek



“We are going to walk along side you and put you in a position to win “the game”.

Billy Haley

Financial Planner, Peachtree Planning

“Anything I can stretch my imagination to – the concrete lets me do it.  You can take something that is formless – dust – and turn it into a shape people can connect through.”

Santana Matlock

Abstrakt Concrete

“I see something and then it ‘goes’. I do help stores sell the things that people don’t know necessarily that they want – then they walk in and they go “I want that”.  They see this stuff and it’s shiny and beautiful but, it’s also, old.  It’s art … it’s just pure art.”

Cathy Simon

Owner, Global Solutions

“You are never stronger, faster or more cognitive than in the first 15 seconds of an attack.”

Moose Moore

Founder, The Vigilance Group

“It’s partly science.  It’s partly art.  You really have to love it if you are going to put out great barbecue.”

Scott Sivori


“As long as we are sober enough to remember, we won’t forget.”

Robert Hicks

Author, Founder, Battlefield Bourbon

“When we’re playing, we’re happier”

Laura Johnson

Founder, Leadership Academy

“…I love when the employee gets that ‘aha’ moment – they just light up & come alive – because they realize something simple that they’ve been doing is what is causing the problem…For me there is this sense of discovery… digging for gold.” – Tony Bodoh International

“I get to take my skill and my passion for planning and I get to take my heart for ministry and I get to bring them together to serve others.” Greg Moore – Peachtree Planning

“Bob was different because he was a visionary … that believed you have to have a team of people working with someone to help them fulfill what that life plans plan in their financial life was. That was not common then – nor is it today.” – Darrell “Corky” Dawes CEO, Peachtree Planning