We recently wrapped filming on the first episode of our short film series “Twelve” and I could not be more excited for this project and 2017. Our amazing cast Tony Hughes, Jessica Warman, Dominic James, and Cassie Mccown put some great work into their characters and came out with some really solid performances. It’s always a pleasure to work with talented actors, but this specific shoot was special. I could feel the energy of everyone on set, committed to making something that mattered. As a Director, that is something that is pretty amazing to be a part of. Attention is a small story, about a man who has a fantasy about another woman and in an effort to be open and communicate with his partner, tells her about it. It was inspired by the newly explored challenges that are often found/written about in millennial relationships, which is often just a case of over-analyzation of a given situation.

We are doing something out of the box with this short film series and are marketing it ourselves via Facebook. The goal of writing/producing/filming these shorts is simply to get better at creating different stories. We hope that people we target the videos to respond well to them and we get good feedback but even if not that many people watch them, we are working to bring people into our team that are simply hungry to make something they’re proud of. There is a lot in the world right now to be concerned about, I as a creator am finding comfort in the small, tangible stories we deal with on a daily basis. I am so excited to share this project with everyone when it’s finished.

Attention – Written By: Logen Christopher.

Directed by: Logen Christopher

Produced by: Matthew Cameron

Produced By: Corey A. Rich

Camera Operator: Chris Massey

Sound Recordist: Matthew Hankins

Special thanks to Hops and Crafts bar in the Gulch for allowing us to use their location for the first scene! It worked out great!

Special thanks to Anna-Vija Mcclain and Piccolo Marketing for loan us the apartment location for our final scene.

Twelve Short Film Series Episode 1: Attention

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Attention twelve the series still slate camera video production nashville Short film series
Twelve the series video production nashville Short film series
Dom Colizzi Trent Baren Alex Reavis Twelve the series Stormlight Pictures Short film series
Still from Twelve the series produced by Stormlight Pictures in Nashville, TN. Created by Logen Christopher Short film series
Twelve the series Nashville video production Short film series
Twelve the series nashville video production Stormlight Pictures Short film series
Video Production Nashville, TN Stormlight Pictures Short film series
Cassie mccown lea twelve the series attention Short film series
Tony Hughes Video Production Nashville, TN Twelve the series Short film series